Cradle-to-Cradle Design-Build in Rural Vermont

BRIEF: Design and construct a simple shelter using earthen and natural elements, capable of withstanding a harsh, wet Northeastern climate.  From the design and planning stages through the finishing touches, participants work with straw, wood, clay, sand, stone, water, and lime as we design, erect, shape, sculpt, and detail the walls, roofs, and floors that enclose healthy, comfortable, and low-impact living space. The program includes the study of natural building, insulative natural wall systems, and making natural plasters.

Typology: Construction Techniques
Year: 2014
Location: Mad River Valley, Vermont
My role: Student + Builder
Partner: Yestermorrow Design-Build School
Scope of Work: Research + Construction
Status: Complete

Left: Rural Vermont site context // Right: Action shot using "The Persuader" to align strawbale insulation 

In-progress demonstration house on Yestermorrow's campus. [Image by Yestermorrow]