ebb is an architectural concept for re-birthing Chicago's industrially wasted riverfront into a cultural transit center. 

Rust Belt industry once thrived on the Chicago River's concrete embankments. Now, these greyscapes divide the depressed neighborhoods they once supported from an urban waterway in the process of ecological restoration. 

Minutes upstream, small ferries and water taxis currently showcase a glamorous segment of the river for tourists and business commuters. Ebb invites Chicagoans downstream, to an urban ruggedness.

The landscape is peeled up to unburden and aerate. Emerging from the freshly exposed earth, entrepreneurs and artists with roots in Chicago's industrial past begin to surprise and intrigue newcomers. This marketplace and transit hub does not seek to gentrify, but to enliven uninhabited urban battlegrounds by championing undervalued natural resources. Segregation's vacant borders become veins for exchange and earnest conversation.