Chicago Plays

BRIEF: Ensure every single child in the city is within a ten-minute walk of a safe and inspiring place to play. To accomplish this goal, develop over 100 acres of new park land and revitalize over 300 existing parks with aging playgrounds throughout the city within five years. Incorporate as much community input as possible while welcoming children of all ages and physical abilities.

Typologies: Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture
Year: 2014-Present
Location: 325 parks throughout Chicago
My role: Architectural Designer of 50 parks
End users: Children ages 2-12
Client: Chicago Park District
Partners: Chicago Parks Foundation; over 100 park advisory groups
Scope of Work: Design + Construction
Budget: $40,600,000+ (approx. $125,000 per park)
Status: In progress

Assata's Daughters, a mentoring and empowerment non-profit for young black girls, enjoys a new Chicago Plays space  [Image with permission]

Chicago Plays is Mayor Emanuel's initiative to ensure every child in Chicago is within a 10 minute walk to a place to play