Activate! Chicago

BRIEF: Make 50+ underutilized, city-owned plazas into a beautiful, active network, emphasizing neighborhood culture and sense of history of each plaza and benefiting the public good. Additionally, have a realistic plan to raise revenue to support ongoing programming, construction, and maintenance on an annual basis, while increasing local property values.

Typologies: Urban Planning, Micro-architecture
Year: 2014-Present
Location: 35 neighborhoods throughout Chicago
My role: Designer, supporting Principal Architect
End users: Entrepreneurs, Pedestrians
Client: Chicago Department of Transit (CDOT)
Area: 537,731 SF
Scope of Work: Concept through Implementation
Budget: $50,000
Status: Pilot launched, City-wide expansion in progress

Boombox, between startup and storefront. The entrepreneur's kiosk for Chicago's public space, available by the week in high traffic pedestrian areas.

Boombox, an entrepreneurial kiosk for public space, is climate controlled for year-round use and can open up completely in warmer months

The Joffrey Ballet performing in an underutilized public space during a special event for Activate! Chicago